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We are in the Light
We are in the Light


We are in the Light

November 4, 2001

I have had a couple of dreams on separate nights that I believe are related.
I dreamed that my husband and I were in a house that we had never
been in before and suddenly something started happening all around
us. I had first thought that it might have been a bomb but it
wasn’t. Light had begun form around us in bubbles and the bubbles
were lifting us up off our feet. I began to shake with the presence
of the Lord and then I instantly realized that the rapture was
taking place. The light and bubble appeared around us, I thought the rapture
would swoop us into the sky but it began all around me like a manifestation of the
Holy Spirit that became as we were off the floor I said it
is happening the rapture is happening!!!!! Then as suddenly as it
started it stopped. It was the rapture, but a manifestion of the Holy Spirit.
A voice came and said "My coming is very soon; urgently telling every
one you know!"
So we got on phones and cell phones trying to contact our family and
we went door to door telling people but they would not believe us.
We need to walk the walk, talk the talk and encourage those around
us to come along with us...I get very excited when I start thinking
about this!!!!!!
---------------------------------------- Here is the second dream: I had an interesting dream the other night. I dreamt my pastor
was preaching and (in real life he has visual aids sometimes).
So in my dream he had a plate of food and some muddy shoes. He showed
everyone the plate of food and it was like a steak dinner.
Then he smashed the muddy shoes into the food and He said will you eat it
now? And everyone said no, there is dirt in it. He then finished
and said "it doesn't matter how great the spiritual food is you eat, if
your walk is not right or (you have muddy) shoes on, it is just like
you are stepping in your own food with dirty shoes on". Your
spiritual walk is just as important as what you feed yourself.

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