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My Curriculum Vitae
My undergraduate work in psychology at Oklahoma State University.
Resources in Trauma Psychology
One of my interests while at OSU has been trauma psychology.
An Examination Of Health Care Utilizaton Among Sexually Abused Women

Quotes for Inspiration
See the little quotes I find that are uplifting!
Dana's Juvie Links to Recreational Alternatives!
A project for a Sociology independent study.

Links to My Other Pages

Well, even though Titanic is almost passe, I will continue to leve it up until I find somehting new.......
My Fun!Fun!Fun! Page:
Come here for the werid and useless

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COLORADO   !   On-Line!

My husband and can think of no other place we would rather be than in
Colorado at this very moment. Here are a list of links that we visit
often. We are hoping to move there some day but until then we can dream 
of Colorado!
I have graduated with my BA in psychology from Oklahoma State University.
Here are some of my projects I worked on as an undergraduate there.
Since I have left my heart in Colorado! Here you will find my little piece of the Rockies until I get to live there!

Come Visit me in Denver!

Live Cam of Boulder
See shots of Boulder in real time!
Denver Metro Visitors Buearu
Come here to see what to do in the Mile High City!
Women of Colorado
Job Seeker Service
Hiking in Colorado
Childrens Museum of Denver
Denver's Historical Landmarks
Inside Denver Jobs
Rockey Mountain National Park
Loveland Relocation Guide

If pets are your interest, but have no place to put one, try a DOGZ virtual pet for your computer. You can also down load or just look at those cute dancing babies from Ally McBeal. It's really neat!!!!
I'm so glad you stopped by and saw my corner of the world
and to all my friends at Wal-Mart I say "I Miss YOu!!"
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