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Links to the Strange

Critter's Work Shop
You like to write? You like to read others work?
Welcome to Stillwater!
Yep! This is my town. (for now)
Danny's Free Graphics
I use some of his stuff.
Dancing Babies!!
As seen on Ally McBeal!
Animation Art
This guy's from the UK
Admiring Leo
Cool Links for Geneologists
The Air Lines
Need to find some resonable fare?
Here Kitty, Kitty
virtual post cards
2000 post card
Musical Greeting Cards
Free Web Graphics by Lauren
Jay's Original Backgrounds
Deb and Jan's List of Useless Facts
Strange But True Useless Facts
Robert's World
This link knows when you are going to die...
Hick Land
A page devoted to making fun of small towns
Route 66
I love history! This is a gret site!
More Route 66
A Worldwide Guild of Animated Gif Artists
A place where I have gotten ALOT of graphics!!!
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My   Warped   Sense   of   Humor......

Here is a place for me to display the rather strange side of my personality. Whether it is corney, stupid, hiliarous or just down right strange, it's a mixed bag here. Browse and enjoy!

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