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Walk Through God's Art Museum
Walk Through God's Art Museum

A Walk through God's Art Museum

In another part of the dream my family and I went into together into this
experiential art exhibit. There were different trains that we could travel on.
These trains represented outcomes of our choices.
God told me that this represented a time
in my life when I could have made a choice to go a separate from my husband.
I initially chose to go my own separate way. Suddenly I realized with my baby in my arms
that going a path separate than my husband was
the wrong way. A stewardess had to help us get back together and on yet a third
train that led us all away together (as a family).
During the period of time we changed trains to be together, my youngest daughter almost got lost.
She was suddenly on a train by herself. We were directed where to go to join her.
The very existence of her made us get on that particular train which represents the outcomes
of our choices in life.
The stewardess had to maneuver us so we wouldn’t be hit off the platform by a
revolving spherical shuttle's called nonessential choices. They twirled
in the air like an amusement ride; these were choices that were peripheral to the major decisons
in life but although
seemed unimportant to the life choices that the trains represented, would still knock
a person out of the way of making the right choices for their destiny.
If one were standing in the way of this ferris wheel like structure, he or she
would be knocked off the platform. The stewardess said, “See, God
always helps you get out of the of wrong choices and into the right one's that the train's
represented for your destiny.”

Ro 8:28, "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those
who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."

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