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Into the River
Into the River

Into the River

June 2002
Will You be Obedient and Step into the River?
June 2002
Just as God was calling me back to Him, He is also calling many, many other Christians
today to a new obedience. With this new level of obedience there will also be blessings
that will follow. These blessings will be evident with a renewed sense of His presence
in our life.
The first thing was the realization of a presence behind me and in front
of me I saw horses of all colors rearing up on their two back feet.
It was so intense my spirit trembled and I could barely stand.
In the front of all the horses was a white horse. On the horses were men who looked
like warriors. They were dressed in robes of white with long flowing brown hair.
This happened right in my face. (It actually looked as though they were in my
bedroom at the foot of my bed). Again, my five senses were overwhelmed and I gasped
because of the intensity.
I was taken to a place and I was standing in a desert looking onto a throng of peoples
walking in a line as far as an eye could see along a river on one side (their right)
and a desert to the left. They were walking from a desert and crossing a river into
a better land that was green; it also was full of clear water, food and sweet
These people were walking on foot. I could tell that they had walked from far away.
Some of these were little children others pregnant women in late stages of pregnancy.
Others were very old men and women stumbling along with crooked backs. There was
also the blind, lame, the sick and weak; they were all walking by foot into this land.
Some of the men and young teenage boys were herding sheep and cattle.
The other thing I saw were people on horses directing the way to the better land.
These persons that were on horses were sitting on their horses, straight backs, not
moving, pointing with their finger where the crossing was best.
These horses and men were not walking with the people. They were put in certain
places in and along the path in which the masses of people were walking. The horses
marked the path by which the people walked. These men on the horses were as overseers
or (authorities) police like in a gentle way.
I was watching all of this and the presence began to ask me and test me to see
what kind of understanding I had for this scene. I began to answer many questions
that I do not remember now but I remember I had a panoramic view because we were
looking down from a desert dune. I saw to the right of my vision field old abandoned
villages with wild animals inhabiting the ruins. There were ostriches, wild dogs
or hyenas, owls and more. The beings behind me asked me about this and I said I did
not belong with those people going across that river but rather I should be alone,
by myself in the ruins. The beings said no I was not supposed to be by myself I was
suppose to be with the people.
I woke up and the Lord told me to read Jeremiah 31: 1-26. Being new to this whole
thing, I was quite astonished that the text was similar to the dream I had just

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