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Recreational   Alternatives!

Hi! I'm a student at Oklahoma State Univeristy. Being interested in the social sciences has led me to make this page. This page is designed as a resource tool for other students who are interested in juvenile delinquency alternatives. I've looked for new ideas and ways to approach juvenile delinquency. If you are a student enjoy... and happy hunting. If you are my teacher who is looking at this, I hope you enjoy it as well:)

Recreational Therapy Links

Therapeutic Recreation Directory: Network, Resources, Interaction in Recreational Therapy
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry :
Recreational Therapy (beginning to 1885):
Recreational Therapy: My personal favorite
Outdoor Recreation Research Resource:
San Diego Center for Children:
Theraputic Recreational Web Page :
Welcome to Outward Bound:
National Outdoor Leadership School:
Blackwater Outdoor Experience:
Adolescence Services International: look at the virtual counseling model
Cow Creek Outdoor Therapy Program: Recreational Therapy can be more than just basketball at midnight at the YMCA (although that's good too...).....
Sav R Teen: toll free service for parents and friends to help troubled teens
Outdoor Education and Troubled Youth. Eric Digest: Text and Reference ideas - if you are writing a paper, check the books out.....
Horticulture Therapy for Juvenile Delinquents: An orginal idea from Texas.....
Youth and Family Resource Center, Inc.: Shawnee, Oklahoma

More Alternatives for Juvenile Delinquency, not necessairly recreational therapy....

Psyched Out! On-Line: My Home Page and lots more links for the social sciences...I'm a psychology major so more in psychology
Intergrative Global Action:
part of Intergrative Global Action : But having to do with juvenile delinquency. Look at bottom of this page to explore this page more
Is Child Maltreatment a Leading Cause to Juvenile Delinquency?: text
Comprehensive Juvenile Justice for State Leglislatures:
National Center for Juvenile Justice:
Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches:
Allyn & Bacon Sociology Links: This sight has juvenile delinquncy links (LOTS)
Canadian Criminal Justice Resource Page:
Juvenile Delinquency: A Sociological Approach: If you're from Oklahoma State, this book will look familiar....
A Survey .....If you happen to know a juvenile delinquent.:
Juvenile Delinquency Boot Camp and more:
Juvenile Delinquency From Each Perspective: It's an abstract but VERY useful.. more references to check out.
Juvenile Delinquency Sites: There are many: With Bart Simpson in the background.
Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Links: Lots of links on juvenile delinquency
Juvenile Delinquency Info Links:
Crime and Juvenile Delinquency Links: Decent amount of links.
Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Clearinghouse:
Job Corp. Home Page:
Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing: A misplaced Recreational Therapy link.....
Police Sponsered Sport Day for Kids:
The Sacramento Police Athletic League:
Center for Community Alternatives:
Black Youth Technology Experience Program (BYTE): BYTE provides delinquency prevention and diversion programs for African American communities interested in providing
Kids Campaigns:
United Nations Guidelines for the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency -:
Juvenile Delinquency:
youth change:
Non-Violent Opportunites; Alternatives to the Military boot camp:
Alternatives For Youth Program:
Specialized Alternatives:
The National Consortium:
Alternatives to Anti-Social Behavior:
Partnership for a Drug Free America:
Eckerd Family Youth Alternatives, Inc. (EFYA):

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