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My Curriculum Vitae
My undergraduate work in psychology at Oklahoma State University.
Resources in Trauma Psychology
One of my interests while at OSU has been trauma psychology.
An Examination Of Health Care Utilizaton Among Sexually Abused Women

Quotes for Inspiration
See the little quotes I find that are uplifting!
Dana's Juvie Links to Recreational Alternatives!
A project for a Sociology independent study.

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God Answers
A webpage with a wealth of information. Check it out...

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Hey! Welcome to my world! As you enter, 
don't trip on the rug and 
absolutely make yourself at home. 
Explore freely, you might find something 
unexpected......Or not, but either way this is me!
I have graduated with my BA in psychology from Oklahoma State University.
Here are some of my projects I worked on as an undergraduate there.

My page for the useless:
Happy Hunting and if you have any questions fee free to email me!