Dana S. Munkirs

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curriculum vitae

Career Perspective:

To obtain experience with a client population in the social services field.

Educational History:


August 2002- present University of Oklahoma School of Social Work


July 1998Oklahoma State University
BA - Psychology GPA 3.59 departmental honors

1995-1996 Tulsa Community College
1995-1996 Rogers State University
1990-1991 University of Maryland

Memberships in Honor Societies and Awards:

1997-1998 Lew Wentz Scholarship Project Award
1997-1998 Robert A. Parman Scholarship
1997-1998 Psychology Club Scholarship
1996-1997 Golden Key Honor Society
1996-1997 Psi Chi Honor Society (Psychology)
1997-1998 Omicron-Psi Honor Society (Adult Student Organization)
1997-1998 Oklahoma State University Honors Program

Memberships in Student and Professional Organizations:

1997-1998 Adult Student Organization - Held office as Secretary
1996-1998 Psychology Club
1996-1997 Oklahoma Psychological Association
1996-1997 American Psychological Association

Computer Experience:

Windows 95
Word for Windows Typing Speed: approx. 60 WPM
Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)

Job Experience:

September 2000 - April 2001
Centennial Peaks Hospital.
Mental Health Worker: Cared for patients adolescence to adult in a psychiatric milieu environment. Managed patient charts and prepared paperwork for next day. Assisted RNs in admissions and discharges. Provided safety checks for patients in overnight ours.
Summer of 2000
Institute for Behavioral Genetics.
Professional Research Assistant- Adminstered interivews and phone tests to children 9-15.

July 1999 - April 00: Background Information Services
Account Manager: Manage several national accounts to include performing backgound investigations for preemployment purposes. Perform emplyment, education and reference checks on major accoutns. Perform in-depth internet research to locate businesses that are relevant to an applicant's resume. Perform on-line requests for motor vehicle history records, credit checks, traces from proper authorities. Manage accounts that are not assigned for all verifications and requests. Assist other account managers as needed.

Additional Responsibilities:
National Arrest Records: Management of arrest records on a national level to include contact with each state's investigation bureau for requiremnts on requesing arrest record information.
National Workers Compensation: Duties include management of owrkers compensation requests on a national level by requesting, retrieving and then reporting findings to BIS clients. Keeping up to date on requirements for requesting workers compensation requests.

December 1998 - May 1999: Walmart
Cashier- Serviced customers at the front registers

Professional Poster Presentations:

Michael S. McLaughlin, Dana S. Munkirs, Susan M. Orsillo, Brian P. Marx (1998, November).
An Examination of Health Care Utilization Among Sexually Abused Women. Poster presentation in the general session at the annaul meeting of Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy, Washington D.C. It was also presented (March, 1998) as a poster at the Oklahoma Psychological Assoication, Edmond, OK.

Research Experience:

1996-1998 “The Impact of Stressful Life Events on Cognitive and Emotional Processing and Behavior” Assisted in the creation of a data base, provided data collection, entry, verification, and office organization. Duties included gaining experience with SPSS software (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). Recruited new participants from the psychology department’s classes. This involved going to classrooms and talking about Dr. Orsillo’s research. Trained new research assistants to become familiar with data entry and verification on SPSS. Assisted with running group administration of the packets. Responsibilities included alphabetizing student names, referencing those names and cross referencing them with sign-up, consent forms and credit slips.

1996-1998 Narrative Study In Sexually Assaulted Women: This study was phase two of “The Impact of Stressful Life Events on Cognitive and Emotional Processing and Behavior.” The research team brought in women who had indicated that they had been sexually assaulted. Participants were asked to write about three memories, a good, a neutral, and the sexual assault. Heart rates were recorded. Assisted with set up procedures and use of equipment. Ran test studies to confirm equipment functionality. Assisted a graduate student to become familiar with procedures for interviewing and taping the heart recordings of participants.

1997-1998 Lew Wentz Scholarship Project Award: Conducted in conjunction with Dr. Orsillo’s study investigating the health behaviors of women who have been sexually assaulted. Developed a survey on health utilization and perceptions of gynecological symptoms for women. Utilized the WOC-R (Ways Of Coping) with the surveys in Dr. Orsillo study, and looked at the prevalence of avoident coping styles in women who had been sexually assaulted.

1996-1998 The VA Study: Provided data entry for a study that looked at veterans from area VA centers on their past war experience and the effects it had on them. PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) was investigated.

Related Volunteer Experience:

1996-1997 Student Academic Mentor Teaching Assistant to Marie Basler in her Univ. 1111 class. The class assisted students with transition to university life by teaching study and library research skills.

1996-1998 Action Inc. Southern Heights Head Start Policy Council Representative Kept up to date on Head Start administration policy regulations. Provided parental input to the Head Start program on such things as federal budget requests for the Head Start Program in the local area.

1996-1997 Action Inc. Southern Heights Head Start Secretary Recorded minutes of the monthly parent meeting. Recorded the center’s volunteer hours for top volunteer of the month/year in class room.

1996-1997 Action Inc. Southern Heights Head Start Volunteered in the class room by assisting with children’s activities, reading stories, putting up cots, and helping with lunch. Volunteered approximately 126 hours.

1996-1997 Psychology Club: Assisted in the National College Anxiety Disorders Screening Day at Oklahoma State University.

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